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A Cancer diagnosis will place even the strongest person into a state of shock. Our unique approach recognizes that sometimes orthodox treatment alone may not be enough, and a holistic approach is required. We aim to transform the way a person lives with cancer. Once you have had a cancer diagnosis, changes need to be implemented and you need to take control of your own destiny. We offer personalised, caring, professional advice to help you cope, and manage well through a difficult time.
ritical embryonic stage of mutating cells-malignant or benign
llowing and accepting intervention
utritional deficiencies addressed assisting the body to heal
aring for one’s self and challenging our stressors
nvironmental awareness and allowing change
egaining strength and relishing life

Orthodox Medical treatments can be very harsh and debilitating upon both the person’s physical body, and their mental wellbeing. Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery take an enormous amount of strength and stamina, and most people find that they are incredibly lethargic, nauseated and perhaps depressed after treatment has finished. Your body will require certain nutrients to help it rebuild and to help your immune system to recover. Every person is very individual and therefore requires a different treatment plan.

Do not let a Cancer diagnosis take over your life and get you down. There is a lot that can be done to help you. At the clinic we do not condone radical diets or treatment programs, we aim to improve your life quality and quantity. Help yourself get through this difficult stage, with an integrative approach to your well being. You do not have to do it alone, we understand what you are going through and we are here to support and guide you through this journey.

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  The Clinic

The clinic is located in Engadine in Sydney’s South. One on one appointments are necessary for initial assessment. Your first appointment can be up to two hours in duration. A full medical history will be required, and then we assess what is happening through your body. Your body is a very complex piece of machinery, and we look very closely at the effects of stress, environmental stressors, nutritional inadequacies and PNI (psycho-neuro-immunolgy) on your system. Nutritional deficits will be noted, dietary changes implemented, and if you are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy we will support you with a personalised formula to help you with the often debilitating side effects. We aim to support you physically and mentally.

Jennifer Webster
Certificate of Excellence in working with people with Cancer. BHSc-Nat Med, Adv Dip Herb Med, Iridology, Nutrition
About Jennifer

Jennifer has trained with Grace Gawler (Gawler foundation founding member) and Dr Ruth Sewell, lecturer in integrated cancer care, former Head of Education at Bristol Cancer Help Centre (renowed Penny Brohn Cancer Care). Jennifer is one of the few complimentary medicine practitioners that have undertaken this course Australia wide. The Certification requires 200 post graduate hours on all aspects of cancer care and support. Jennifer also studied Herbal Medicine with Dorothy Hall - Australia ’s own pioneer in Alternative Medicines, and is University educated in Health Science and Natural Medicines.